The Therapist

faith-headshotHello! I am Faith and I have been providing professional, therapeutic massage at my private practice for over 10 years.

My main focus here is Stress Management. It also should be said that massage is encouraging of a meditative state to boost your body’s natural balancing and healing abilities.

Through a personal practice of regular massage, yoga and meditation, along with a healthy lifestyle, I have come to see and understand the interconnection between body and mind.

A strong philosophy of mine is that “the body speaks the mind”. Whatever is happening in the mind also manifests in the physical body. For example, times of high stress can manifest itself as tension headaches or digestive issues.

The same goes with the body. In times of low physical health and/or performance, the mind is manifesting it’s own reactions to this “Dis-ease”. It can really become a vicious cycle.

Massage is an astounding supplement to a wellness routine and can bring awareness to your body-mind, ease aches and pains, sooth symptoms of stress, and ultimately guide you back to a healthy balance.

Best Regards,